Thursday, January 17, 2013

4minute - GDA Day 1

wow! Finally, after 2 days in the GDA (in Malaysia), 4minute managed to bring home a trophy of victory, trophy Golden Disk Awards Album Division (VOLUME UP) Congratulations, 4minute! 4minute is definitely good! ^ ^

below, there are some pictures of when during the Golden Disk Awards!

Sexy Hyunah!

Jiyoon with her RED HAIR! ^^ Hyuna, always cool


Ji-Hyun and VAMPIRE NAMJA! haha

Cute Maknae.. Sohyun

Hyuna and JS!  won a trophy Best Dance Performance: (Trouble Maker) 


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

4minute - GDA2013

4minute, GOLDEN DISK AWRADS Red Carpet

So sexy! yeha! haha.. who going to GDA??

Monday, January 14, 2013

4minute already arrived at Malaysia

There already arrived at Malaysia about 4:30 PM!! WELCOME TO MALAYSIA!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2Yoon release this 24/7 AND Jung HyungDon, to Appear in 4minute unit ’2YOON’s MV

tittle track of 2YOON's Harvest Moon album.

Wait for them? Yes we are!

Jung HyungDon, to Appear in 4minute unit ’2YOON’s MV

Jung HyungDon will be giving his support to 4minute’s unit promotion.
Girl group 4minute first ever unit project ’2YOON’ will be releasing a mini album on the coming 17th. Jung HyungDon will be making a cameo in the MV of their title track and is expected to release his distinctive sense of humor.
’2YOON’ is made up of 4minute’s vocal line, Heo Gayoon and Jeon JiYoon. Both of their conflicting characters that will be shown through ‘ssangyoon’ has garnered attention from fans.
4minute’s representative talked to Star News on the 9th, “Jung HyungDon whom they are close with, readily accepted the offer to appear in the MV despite his busy schedule” and, “He will add more fun to it”, he expressed.
2YOON will be challenging a song genre that has both feminine vocals and a husky music style, which posed to show 2YOON’s different charms. It will showcase their vocal and rap capabilities different from 4minute’s music.
Cube’s representative expressed, “The title song is the first genre to be tried out in the KPOP industry. With this, the first new mini album will be armed with freshness, creating a harmony between their rap and vocals.”
2YOON will differ with 4minute’s original colors, which will show a more feminine side of themselves.

credit: loveindacube

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

4minute - Golden Disk Awards (GDA)

Hey everyone and 4NIA! Here's the latest and most updated performance list! 

4minute - Intro+Volume Up+ Mirror+Hot Issue

6 days can't go by fast enough! Have you got your tickets to this year's GDA? From only RM199, you can be sure to enjoy all these songs and perhaps even more ;) 
Want to buy the tickets? CLICK HERE!

Please VOTED for 4minute. 4NIA, if you all want 4minute win, vote for them! Vote many times.

Finally, 2YOON appears on Melon's

Yeah! Finnaly, 2YOON appears on Melon's Upcoming list 2Yoon
Ready for them? 
yes! 2Yoon, all loyal fans can not wait for both you! Go Go Jiyoon and Gayoon!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4minute - 2Yoon (Jiyoon and Gayoon)

Jiyoon Birthday tommorow! Yeah~  Another 3 hours (time in Malaysia), the anniversary of Ji-Hyun will arrive!

credit: MY4Nia


Hot Jiyoon. I like her style. Her face?! very emotional

Jiyoon and Pig? owhh .. ok3. However,  Jiyoon  always cute with his mouth. blah .. blah 

so beautiful hairstyle. Chicks on the table and Gayoon looks beautiful. white colored background. Simply captivating.

background as a farm! Look Gayoon, chicks around her. pretty cute! haha

Wait for them! 2Yoon anticipated arrival! this 17 January..

Sunday, January 6, 2013

4minute - Happy Birthday Ji-Hyun !

Happy Birtday Ji-Hyun .. :) 24 Jihyun! haha... so fast right?

Anything, Do not forget, this Wednesday is Ji-Hyun, 4minute leader birthday ! !! Wish for her. Twitter trends for Ji-Hyun's birthday is # NamLeaderDay. So, do not forget okay?

Friday, January 4, 2013

4minute - Ice Cream

레몬맛 아이스크림 +4단 콤보 아이스크림

Mwo? Ice Cream combo? For What?! 

Remonmas ice cream + 4 combo ice cream

Thursday, January 3, 2013

4minute - Happy New Year

4minute.. hurm..They seem pretty right? This picture was taken from twitter Sohyun

포미닛이 새해인사드립니다♥♥♥ 새해복많이받으세요♥♥♥♥

4 minute this new year greetings happy new year ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy New Year to all 4minute's Fans! ^^


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